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Miami Valley Elk Farm

The "Velvet" Touch

Miami Valley Elk Farm

On St. Rt. 571, east of West Milton, travelers will notice a very high fenced area and upon closer examination, it becomes clear that there are some very special inhabitants within. In fact - there are over 70 of them!! Owner Gale Shoup raises elk, from young calves to older stately adults such as "Buckeye Pride" or "King David". A visit with these majestic animals will give you an overview of the breeding operation at this family owned farm. Calves are normally born in June, and breeding stock is sold to other breeders. They also harvest the antlers in spring, during the “velvet” stage, which is then manufactured into a miraculous treatment for joint pain. The antlers grow back at a rate of one inch per day, reaching another full growth within 75 days. Allow 1 hour to tour the outdoor grounds and the indoor facility where they house their handling equipment. Reservations are required.

Gale Shoup



5800 St. Rt. 571
West Milton, Ohio


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