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Greenville Falls State Scenic River Area

Spectacular pristine views! Great fishing!

Greenville Falls State Scenic River Area

Greenville Falls is truly one of the most spectacular areas in the region. Set amidst 92 acres populated with many unique & rare plants, Kingfishers & Great Blue Heron, the cascading waterfall tumbles down a 20-foot drop over several layers of dolomite & limestone bedrock. A viewing platform rises above the falls. Remains of the 12' high wooden dam that stretched across the creek can be viewed along with historical remnants of the old electric mill. Natural stone steps on the south side provide a look at the natural stone arch, formed by water flowing through the limestone until it collapsed underneath, leaving the arch above. Parking & trails available for the public to take advantage of excellent smallmouth bass fishing. Picnic area, handicap accessible port-o-john, hiking trails.



29110 Covington-Gettysburg Rd.
Covington, Ohio


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