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Hobart Urban Nature Preserve

Harmony with nature inside the urban boundaries....

Hobart Urban Nature Preserve

Located in the heart of Troy, this 82 acres of farmland was given by local family philanthropists to the Park District, requesting that it reflect the spirit of the Ohio landscape for passive recreational & educational pursuits. In harmony with the restored natural setting, with a diversity of plant & animal life, visitors will find a unique respite from the hustle & bustle of city life, replenished & inspired by activities such as bird-watching, leisurely walks, & observing the seasonal changes of the landscape. A 3 acre lake, accessed via a walking trail, welcomes wildlife & provides wetlands for other inhabitants. Deer & Red Fox call this preserve home. Modern sculptures are placed throughout the preserve & native Ohio trees dot the landscape. Several streams criss cross the the trail.



1400 Tyrone
Troy, Ohio


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